So you built a SaaS product that's generating a bit of revenue, and it has some happy users—awesome!

But you’re unsure how to grow itor maybe you’re itching to start something new. What should you do?

GrowthLook helps you decide.

"I wish I knew how to grow this thing"


That'd be me. Hi, I'm Jason.

Who's behind all this?

I created GrowthLook to help bootstrapped SaaS startups and app developers grow the products they build.

I'm a software entrepreneur and product manager, and I've lead the design & development teams that created several SaaS businesses from scratch, whose products have been used by hundreds of thousands of people, and all had successful exits - including Hello Bar (acquired by Neil Patel & Hiten Shah), and Filament (acquired by ShareThis).

I personally know how much sweat and dedication goes into creating a great product that solves a real problem, and that users love - which is why I want to help you get the most out of your SaaS business. 

Want to know more? I write frequently about SaaS businesses, and product management. Also, don't get me started talking about XCOM 2 (it's an obsession)...

GrowthLook is a quick-turnaround, flat-fee analysis service, designed to help SaaS businesses grow.

Know Where to Focus

GrowthLook is like a 30,000 mile checkup for SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses. You receive a customized, detailed, and actionable report that tells you the easiest opportunities to grow your business' revenue, with a thorough statistical analysis of its traffic, user experience, pricing model and a competitor review.

The process is straightforward: you answer some questions about your business, and we hop on a brief call to review your info. Then, I go digging for answers, and you receive your growth report within 7 business days - all for one flat fee.

Seriously, there are no hourly rates, no annual commitments, or other typical consultanty-type entanglements.


"Your churn rate is higher than normal. Here's a list of good questions to survey your users with, to find out why."

Most consulting reports rattle off a list of perpetual, low-value marketing to-do's, and generic best practices. Your GrowthLook report will contain at least 3 specific, actionable recommendations for immediately growing your app's revenue. 

All this, plus 3 immediate growth tips


"You should get more Twitter followers, or maybe send out a monthly email newsletter!"


"You're losing more users during the onboarding process than average. Here's a suggested wireframe to help shorten it."


"There's a strong correlation between traffic from TechCrunch & your revenue. Here's how to grow your referral traffic from there."

Smart People Saying Nice Things

"Marketing bad-ass, product development guru. I've built three products with Jason and its been an enjoyable experience every time." // Dave Shepard, Lead Developer @ Digital Telepathy

"Jason is a powerhouse - he's incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SaaS, quick to provide new ideas, and just a ton of fun to talk to. Feeling fired up + inspired after our call!"

// Evan Shoemaker, Founder @ WeBuild

$1500, one-time fee (yep)


Simplest. Pricing. Ever.

Ask me via the chatbox, or schedule a free call.

Interested? Let's talk!

Traffic & Revenue Analysis + UX Walkthrough VideoPricing Model Review + Competitor Review 

+ 7-Day Turnaround + Smiles all round

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