So you built a SaaS product that's generating some revenue, and it has a bunch of happy users — awesome!

But you’re unsure how to grow it what should you do?

GrowthLook helps you decide.

"I wish I knew how to grow this thing"


GrowthLook is a quick-turnaround, flat-fee analysis service, designed to help SaaS businesses grow.

Know Where to Focus

With GrowthLook, you get a customized, detailed, and actionable report that tells you the easiest opportunities to grow your revenue, with a thorough statistical analysis of your traffic and revenue data, as well as a screen-by-screen user experience video walkthrough of your product, from signup to purchase.

The process is straightforward: you answer some questions about your product, and we hop on a 20-30 min call to go over your info. Then, I go digging for answers, and you receive your growth report within 7 business days - all for one flat fee.

Seriously, there are no hourly rates, no annual commitments, or other typical consultanty-type entanglements.


"Your churn rate is higher than normal. Here's a list of good questions to survey your users with, to find out why."

Most consulting reports rattle off a list of perpetual, low-value marketing to-do's, and generic best practices. Your GrowthLook report will contain at least 3 specific, actionable recommendations for immediately growing your product's revenue. 

Immediate, Practical Growth Tips


"You should get more Twitter followers, or maybe send out a monthly email newsletter!"


"You're losing more users during the onboarding process than average. Here's a suggested user flow to help shorten it."


"There's a strong correlation between traffic from [REFERRER] and your revenue. Here's how to grow your inbound traffic from there."

That'd be me. Hi, I'm Jason.

Who's behind all this?

I created GrowthLook to help startups and app developers grow the products they build.

I've lead the design & development teams behind  several SaaS businesses, and whose products have been used by hundreds of thousands of people. All of them have been acquired — including Hello Bar (by Neil Patel & Hiten Shah), and Filament (by ShareThis).

I personally know how much sweat and dedication goes into creating a great product that users love - which is why I want to help you get the most out of your SaaS business. 

Want to know more? I write about SaaS businesses, and product management. Also, don't get me started talking about XCOM 2 (it's an obsession)...

"We needed tips on how to plan our growth team, growth strategy, and marketing channels. Jason's advice was top-notch, and he shared incredible insights with detailed explanations to back up his statements. Highly recommended." // David Kelly, Marketing Manager @ Student Loan Hero

"Jason is a powerhouse — he's incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SaaS, quick to provide new ideas, and just a ton of fun to talk to. Feeling fired up + inspired!" // Evan Shoemaker, Founder @ ProjectHuddle

Smart People Saying Nice Things

"GrowthLook is like getting a fellow entrepreneur’s opinion about your business — except it’s someone who has the time to dig into the data and clearly articulate a path forward. If you’re stuck or uncertain, let Jason take a stab at it — he’ll open your eyes to what’s right in front of you."

// JD Graffam, Owner @

"Jason - an extremely resourceful and helpful person to have in your team. His excellence in correlating various aspects of business helped us in taking impactful decisions." // Padmaja Radhakrishan, Product Manager @ SlideDeck

Ask me via the chatbox, or schedule a free call.

Get answers. Start growing.


// 3+ custom growth recommendations

// Trends & benchmarks for up to 5 metrics

// Customized traffic growth strategy

// Delivered in 7 business days

Google Analytics & Revenue Analysis Package

Custom UX Video Review Package

// Up to 60 mins narrated video review

// Notes doc w/ custom tips & resources

// Covers key website pages & upgrade flow

// Delivered in 7 business days

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